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They are followed by Anthem, Inc (2013, 80million customers' personal details, social security numbers and healthcare ID numbers compromised); Target (2014, 40million shoppers' card details breached); and Home Depot (2014, 56million credit card accounts hacked).

Users are being encouraged to log into their accounts and change their password.

Yahoo says that the hackers do not have access to their systems so changing login details will protect the user and stop anyone who tries to access it.

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The sex industry in Kenya is playing a greater role in the economy as a lack of jobs pushes youths into the vice. w=300" data-large-file=" w=150 150w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" / A cursory survey by the Nairobi Chronicle reveals that a significant number of young women in Kenya earn their living by engaging in relationships with executives, diplomats, senior security officers as well as tourists.

Banks and businesses will never ask for your personal details like bank accounts by email so anything that does is likely to be a scam and will send your data to the hackers'The devil has tricked you into thinking your bank account is the most important piece of information on earth. 'At least not in the case of security and privacy online.

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Yahoo waited almost two months to notify Verizon, despite having known since August that at least 200 million of its users' information was being sold on the dark web.Verizon says it only found out about the hack in the last two days.

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The increasing threat of cybercriminals has prompted many companies, including Facebook and Netflix, to urge their customers to change their login details if they find matching credentials with other sites.But the fact that this hack took place in 2014 may rule them out.And North Korea has long been accused of cyberattacks against the US.Interestingly enough, the trade is not growing in the familiar sense of twilight girls but assuming legitimacy through massage parlours, e-commerce websites, tourism, strip clubs and international dating. " data-medium-file=" The relationships usually involve the lavishing of gifts, housing, cars and cash in exchange for sex. w=300" class="size-full wp-image-387" title="dt51aa" src=" w=468" alt="A Kenyan website advertises sex services." srcset=", to Graphiq, Yahoo is comfortably - or uncomfortably - ahead of a 2007 hack that compromised the credit and debit card details of 94million customers of TJX Companies, which owns TJ/TK Maxx and other off-price retailers.