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Goreraza was born to Grace Mugabe during her first marriage to Stanley Goreraza.

He said the reason PDP is not giving the Rivers governor full support because the party sees him as an antagonist” in the sense that Governor Amaechi “stands for good governance in this country.” Speaking on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr Modibbo said he believes Amaechi is the rightful winner of the election which was conducted by members of the Nigeria Governors Forum.

He described the governor, who has now been suspended from the PDP fold, as a ‘harmless democrat of conscience’ who “brought finesse, credibility, character and characterization to the Governor’s Forum.” He decried the conflict among members of the forum as a ‘reckless display of insensitivity to democratic tenets” which has never been seen in the history of modern democracy in Nigeria.

In terms of instruments, the FGN Bonds accounted for N4.03tn or 58.87 per cent of the Federal Government’s domestic debt stock then.

The Nigerian Treasury Bills accounted for N2.48tn or 36.25 per cent of the domestic debt component.

According to IOL in Zimbabwe, another car – this one an Aston Martin – is due to arrived in the capital shortly.

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The kidnap kingpin and mass murderer, Don Wanny was killed in his hideout in Enugu state, according to report by the Nigerian army.

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The Nigerian Treasury Bills accounted for N2.48tn or 35.31 per cent of the domestic debt component.Treasury Bonds, on the other hand, accounted for N334.56bn or 4.76 per cent of the domestic debt of the Federal Government.As of June 2011, the total debt of the country stood at $37bn.On the other hand, Treasury Bills accounted for N334.56bn or 4.88 per cent of the total domestic debt owed by the Federal Government. Abraham Nwankwo, had recently said that compared to the level of foreign debt, the Federal Government had over-borrowed from domestic sources.While unfolding the nation’s Middle Term Debt Management Strategy, which was approved by the Executive Council of Nigeria, Nwankwo said there was an urgent need to rebalance the structure of the nation’s debt because the interest rate payable on domestic debt was too high.It comes as Zimbabwe is in a terrible financial position, owing huge debts to South Africa.