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Once that was done, I went to the home screen that houses the date requests.

The ages ranged from 37 to 50 — meaning 12 years my senior, at best — but I guess it would be naïve of me to think that anyone within my desired age group would be willing to pay for the same girl they could meet on Tinder (or in a bar) for free.

It's those two words (if you can consider "bb" a word) that almost turned me off of online dating for all of eternity.

It's here that you see the guys who want to take you out: their photos, age, and a range of one to three dollar signs that show how much they're willing to shell out to meet you.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't immediately disappointed by my date options.

Here's the problem: back in my day, online dating wasn't a thing.

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The main problem, obviously, is not that women negotiate too timidly, Jena says.

Jena then matched each doctor to his or her salary, using online data open to everyone.“In medicine, the relative advantage is that it is more clear what determines income,” he says.Pay power is almost entirely informed by a doctor’s age, specialty, years of experience, count of published papers, Medicare reimbursement amount and status as a leader of a clinical trial and a recipient of a grant from the National Institutes of Health, Jena says.But being white instead of black tacks on an extra $60,000 to your paycheck, recent research suggests. Even though half of all medical school graduates are now women, male doctors can expect to earn an average of 8% more than their female counterparts, a salary bump of about $20,000, according to a new study published in .The wage gap is so wide that women physicians teaching at medical schools as full professors make roughly the same as male associate professors.I then got a confirmation text, which brought a new browser window up that looked like this: From there, I created a profile, which consists of your picture and a username as well as your age, occupation, body type and whether or not you're a smoker.