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Over the past few years I have worked with all of the well known blogging platforms but always recommend Word Press to blogging novices due to the great community support and ease of use. You will see just how easy later in this How To Start A Blog guide.

No Customization Usage of ALL the free plugins and features are very limited.

And if you want to customize your free theme to make it stand out from the crowd, then just forget it.

If you want to set up an email subscriptions to your blog, then this can be added via a plugin in just seconds.

That’s the great thing about Word Press, you can literally set your blog up and publish your first blog in a matter of minutes. With Word Press, you have total control over your site.

It’s hard to make money from your blog when you don’t own the domain or hosting.

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To give you some idea to how simple it is, my 9 year old daughter set up her own blog with ZERO help from her expert dad (that’s me by the way). Managing your blog, adding content, adding images, amending content and much much more can be done with absolute ease in Word Press.The platform has an extremely intuitive interface so adding new pages, blog posts, etc. Out of the box Word Press ticks most of the boxes you will need for your new blog and if it doesn’t there is probably a plugin out there for you. Word Press was designed and built for bloggers as a blogging platform so all the blogging capabilities and functionality are already built-in and waiting for you.

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You won’t have any limitations and you’re free to monetize your website, which is vital if you’re wanting to make money online from your blog.Check out their support forums to see just how good it is.Plainly and simply I will never recommend someone who wants to start a blog to use a free platform such as Blogger.However, With Acrobat DC the uninstall keys are the same and they both only show up as Acrobat DC in Dell K1000.How does Acrobat DC determine which version is installed and how can I duplicate it so I can count used license and install the correct updates?The main blogging platforms are: Well to begin with my website is built on Word Press, and over 25% of all websites and blogs on the internet use Word Press.