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We broke up and are dating again

Your parent just has to have some fun time to get things off their minds..!!

The below question was sent in from a 17 year old girl from Virginia.

Q: My Mom is dating again, and I’m worried that she’s trying to replace my Dad one. – Anonymous, 17 The way i thought of it was that my mom dating was to make her happy and to get her mind off things.

The relationship has never impacted our work situation or job performance in the past — we have always remained professional — but it looks like it might now.

In order to give herself the space and distance she says she needs to get past this, she feels that she needs to not have me work on her projects moving forward, or at least for the time being.

We spoke about it and agreed to an approach that would facilitate that.

I would say it’s a hard adjustment for the whole family because everyone has to try to be comfortable with each other and figure out the kind of relationship you will all have.I’m not very close with my stepdad but I’ve been trying really hard to stay closer to my mom.

My mom’s husband is a nice guy, but he’s definitely not my dad.Make sure that you’re comfortable with the person that your Mom/Dad is dating, and if you feel a weird vibe off of them, tell your Mom/Dad. – Julia It can be really hard to talk to your Mom/Dad about dating after losing a parent.If you have siblings, they can help relate to what you are feeling about the current situation.I’m happy for my mom, because the man that she’s with is a widower, his wife died 1 year ago, and they’re very happy.I feel that marriage would be a bit extreme at this point, but all I can do is be happy for my mom, because if she’s happy, I’m happy.No one will ever replace your loved one in you heart.