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Vray unhandled exception updating render lights last

New features:(*) VRay Volume Grid: Added support for rendering of fluid simulation data (Phoenix FD, Field3D and Open VDB);(*) V-Ray: Added ability to add/remove DR servers on the fly from the Render Progress window;(*) V-Ray: The DR servers list is re-read whenever the vray_file is modified during rendering;(*) V-Ray: Added button to open the V-Ray messages log window;(*) V-Ray: Added camera object properties to control the number of transformation samples for camera motion blur;(*) V-Ray: Added support for 3ds Max 2016, including the new Physical Camera and Physical Camera Exposure Control;(*) V-Ray: Max Script parameter to control the DMC random seed;(*) V-Ray: The V-Ray object properties allow to specify a given map channel as velocity channel (useful with some Alembic importers);(*) V-Ray: Provided tooltip descriptions for most of the renderer settings;(*) V-Ray RT CPU: Support for VRay Environment Fog;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for Composite map rendering;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for displacement;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for VRay Mtl anisotropy;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Added UDIM tag support;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Implemented QMC sampling for CUDA engine;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Initial support for texture baking;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Support for spherical panorama cameras;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for 3ds Max Spot and Omni lights Decay and Near/Far Attenuation parameters;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for textures output Bezier curve output color correction;(*) VRay Proxy: Added better methods for generating viewport preview meshes based on mesh simplification;(*) VRay Proxy: Added Show whole mesh viewport display option;(*) VRay Proxy: Support for exporting the VRay Instancer as a .vrmesh file preserving the instancing;(*) VRay Stereoscopic: Support for stereo spherical/cylindrical panorama cameras;(*) VFB: Added ability to load the render settings for an image from the history window;(*) VFB: Can be zoomed in/out with the regular /-/* keys (useful for remote access from mobile devices);(*) VRay Curvature Map: A new texture similar to VRay Dirt; useful for detecting mesh curvature;(*) VRay Fur: Faster rendering; can now be accelerated by Embree;(*) Hair&Fur: Faster rendering; can now be accelerated by Embree;(*) VRay Instancer: Added ability to override node and V-Ray object properties of the source objects;(*) VRay Instancer: Added parameters to control the random seed, render percentage;(*) VRay Instancer: Added an experimental option for multithreaded instance generation (only for the V-Ray portion of the code);(*) VRay Light: Added a line that shows the orientation of the dome lights in the viewport, it also shows the center of VRay HDRI wrapping;(*) VRay OSLMtl: Added support for vray_subsurface() closure;(*) VRay OSLMtl: Added support for vray_hair() closure;(*) VRay OSLMtl/VRay OSLTex: Support for drop-down controls;(*) VRay HDRI: Added support for loading PNG grayscale with alpha images;(*) Texture baking: Additional bake elements for render to texture: VRay Mtl Reflect IORBake, VRay Reflection Filter Map;(*) V-Ray scene converter: Added initial implementation of conversion of Corona materials and lights;(*) ply2vrmesh: Support for conversion of particles from and files;(*) can assign separate DR nodes to different processor groups; Modified features:(*) V-Ray: Reduced light cache leaks through a new parameter "Leak prevention";(*) V-Ray: New default settings for the light cache;(*) V-Ray: The GI subdivs multiplier in the V-Ray object properties has been renamed to "Subdivs multiplier" and affects all shading samples for the particular object;(*) V-Ray: The render mask can work with transparent and not Visible to Camera objects along the ray paths;(*) V-Ray: The render mask on selected objects is intersected by VRay Lights;(*) V-Ray: Setting the Global subdivs multiplier to 0.0 does not affect the irradiance map and other reflection/refraction interpolation maps;(*) V-Ray: Added UI view switcher to the Global DMC sampler rollout;(*) V-Ray: Changed the default motion blur duration value to 0.5;(*) V-Ray: Improved handling of meshes and proxies that are invisible to the camera;(*) V-Ray: Speed up of the "transforming vertices" phase in scenes with many objects;(*) V-Ray: Simplified the "default" view of the light cache rollout;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for Falloff texmap in VRay VRmat Mtl;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Cleaner glossy reflections from area lights;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Implemented Light Cache support for motion blurred hairs;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Implemented more robust common tasks execution, leading to about 10% render speed gain;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Optimized system CPU memory usage for bitmap textures;(*) V-Ray Toolbar: Changed the default alignment to floating for 3ds Max 2016 and later due to issues with default docking;(*) VFB: Added VRAY_BLENDED_GUI environment variable that, when set to 0, allows to run the VFB in a separate thread like before, otherwise it runs in the 3ds Max main thread by default;(*) VFB: Better contrast function that preserves the black and white points;(*) VFB: The render region coordinates are stored normalized to the image size;(*) VFB: The vfb Control Max Script function supports loading of color correction files;(*) VFB: The vfb Control Max Script function does not cause the VFB to show anymore;(*) VFB: The "Edit comment" window appears under the mouse cursor when shown;(*) VFB: The "Close" button in the "Edit comment" window is changed to "Save and close"; (*) V-Ray Quick settings: Light cache's Pre-filter is no more affected;(*) VRay Car Paint: Added max reflection depth control;(*) VRay Exposure Control: Added Max Script access to the "active" and "process BG" options;(*) VRay Fast SSS2: Changed trace reflections to enabled by default;(*) VRay HDRI: Allow negative values for the U/V Crop/Place parameters in VRay HDRI;(*) VRay HDRI: Added option to generates IFL lists with full file paths rather than relative;(*) VRay HDRI: Faster rendering of tiled textures when the tiled memory limit is reached;(*) VRay HDRI: Improved elliptical filtering;(*) VRay Light: Simplify the interface options layout;(*) VRay Proxy: Instancing for Alembic meshes is enabled by default;(*) VRay Scatter Volume Mtl: Improved calculations;(*) VRay Toon: Added support for layers in the include/exclude list;(*) V-Ray Light Lister: Made the light names fields wider and the list is sorted by the lights names;(*) .vrmesh exporter: Added support for VRay Instancer when "Export each mesh to separate file" option is selected;(*) .vrscene exporter: The render state of objects is exported;(*) Installer: Adding exceptions for applications and ports to the firewall;(*) Lens analyzer: Added ability to generate texture for physical camera distortion map;(*) ply2vrmesh: Preserve UV set names for .geo/files; Bug fixes:(*) V-Ray: Creating VRay Fur either from the V-Ray Toolbar or the menus, was not attaching it to the source object's transformation;(*) V-Ray: Fixed a crash when loading Alembic files containing particles with invalid positions;(*) V-Ray: Fixed a crash when rendering a scripted material that extends a 3ds Max native material;(*) V-Ray: Fixed a crash when rendering primitives with no faces with Embree;(*) V-Ray: Fixed crash when rendering absolutely straight, motion blurred hairs with Embree;(*) V-Ray: Fixed hang if cancelling the render during irradiance map calculation phase when DR;(*) V-Ray: Fixed a random crash at the end of a render if "Get resolution from MAX" option is unchecked;(*) V-Ray: Fixed artifacts when rendering hairs with Embree;(*) V-Ray: Fixed some of the quad menu items registering more than once;(*) V-Ray: Fixed issue where toggling the "Default Lights" option also changed VFB resolution preset;(*) V-Ray: Fixed unhandled exception when doing distributed rendering an animation with any of the irradiance map incremental modes;(*) V-Ray: Standard 3ds Max materials were not rendering with VRay Override Mtl;(*) V-Ray: Writing output with the "Separate render channels" can be interrupted;(*) V-Ray/V-Ray RT CPU: Removed occurring bright pixels with progressive sampling;(*) VRay Physical Camera: Fixed wrong physical camera distortion when distortion map is used;(*) VRay Mtl: Fixed wrong shadows with opacity of VRay Mtl in VRay2sided Mtl in VRay Blend Mtl;(*) V-Ray RT: 3ds Max UI was freezing during and for some time after render to texture with large resolutions;(*) V-Ray RT: Added support for animated UVW coordinates;(*) V-Ray RT: Animation frames were duplicated;(*) V-Ray RT: Changing map channels during Active Shade was not re-exported;(*) V-Ray RT: Divide shading subdivs was not exported;(*) V-Ray RT: Fixed crash due to leaking animated mesh light meshes;(*) V-Ray RT: Fixed crash when VRay Light has Bercon Noise or Bercon Wood texture;(*) V-Ray RT: Fixed incorrectly exported displacement plugin when it is animated;(*) V-Ray RT: Fixed incorrectly exported material names starting with digits;(*) V-Ray RT: Fixed random hang during "Waiting for renderer..." stage when rendering as production renderer;(*) V-Ray RT: Fixed some of the messages in the console appearing on the same line;(*) V-Ray RT: Fixed VFB occasionally freezing during rendering;(*) V-Ray RT: Mesh light was missing if "Replace mesh with light" was off;(*) V-Ray RT: Render server may crash on exit if there is a physical camera in the scene;(*) V-Ray RT: Refraction environment map was used when Reflection/Refraction environment are disabled;(*) V-Ray RT: Removed unnecessary displaced mesh re-exports;(*) V-Ray RT: Rendering stops after VRay Mtl Displace weight is changed;(*) V-Ray RT: Texmap animation was not exported when the texmap was attached to VRay Displacement Mod or Output map;(*) V-Ray RT: The 3ds Max render windows have data from the wrong render element when VRay Mtl Select is used in production rendering;(*) V-Ray RT: The DMC sampler frame data was not updated properly along animation, interfering with Lock noise pattern;(*) V-Ray RT: The Generate caustics option in VRay Wrapper Mtl was not exported;(*) V-Ray RT: The Lock noise pattern option was not exported properly;(*) V-Ray RT: The SSS2 render element was not exported;(*) V-Ray RT: The VFB always pops up when rendering with as production renderer, even if switched off;(*) V-Ray RT: VRay Light with Composite map was rendered black when base layer transparency was 0.0;(*) V-Ray RT: VRay Light Mtl was always emitting on back side;(*) V-Ray RT: VRay Proxy was rendering with frames offset in ping-pong playback mode;(*) V-Ray RT: Wrong Alpha channel when rendering as production renderer and native 3ds Max frame buffer is used;(*) V-Ray RT CPU: The VRay Edges Tex Hidden edges option was ignored;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Added support for procedural textures attached to VRay Lights;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Camera vignetting is applied on directly visible VRay Lights in the Alpha channel;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed crash when restarting the rendering session;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed crash with VRay Fast SSS2;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed rendering of VRay Fast SSS2 in the VRay Light Select render element;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed wrong refraction rendering with VRay VRmat Mtl;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed wrong shading with mapped reflection glossiness;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Instanced dome lights with different transformations render wrong;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Optimized displaced geometry memory usage and skipped unnecessary re-exporting;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Rect lights were producing incorrect shadow when lit by another rect light;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: VRay Light direct light was clamped with Max ray intensity value;(*) V-Ray RT GPU: VRay Lights did not appear in VRay Self Illumination render element;(*) VFB: Curve color correction control is not updated when loading from file;(*) VFB: Fixed messed image when switching from large image to a smaller one during comparison;(*) VFB: No color corrections are applied in saved render output file;(*) VFB: Some color correction parameters' values were not resetting;(*) VFB: The RGB color is still restored from the lens effects source, even if the lens effects mode is "Render elements only";(*) V-Ray Quick settings: Fixed issue preventing the loading of custom presets;(*) Hair&Fur: Fixed wrong color of VRay Hair Info Tex in VRay Mtl on motion blurred hairs;(*) Hair&Fur: Fixed occasionally wrong shading results (-1.#IND);(*) VRay2Sided Mtl: Fixed rendering black with "multiply by front diffuse" in certain situations;(*) VRay Clipper: Fixed a crash with multiple clippers one of which has material ID enabled when rendering with V-Ray RT;(*) VRay Dirt: Fixed result affected by the geometry inside the shaded object when invert normal is enabled;(*) VRay Fast SSS2: Fixed a crash when rendering with Object-based illumination map;(*) VRay Hair Mtl: Wrong shading results when blended with VRay Blend Mtl;(*) VRay HDRI: Interpolation and filtering options are not working if "Clear cache on render end" is enabled;(*) VRay IES: Fixed a crash on VRay IES color temperature change with disabled viewport shading;(*) VRay Instancer: Cancelling a render during "Updating instances" causes a crash at the end of the render;(*) VRay Lens Effects: Glare mask was not working when using DR through network rendering jobs;(*) VRay Metaball: Animated parameters of the VRay Metaball object do not update the preview in the viewport;(*) VRay Metaball: Changing Particle inputs for VRay Metaballs via Max Script doesn't refresh in UI automatically;(*) VRay Mtl: Fixed GTR/GGX wrong results when GTR tail falloff is different from 2.0;(*) VRay Mtl: Fixed GTR/GGX invalid results with glossiness value of 1.0;(*) VRay Mtl: The "Affect channels" option for refraction doesn't work when dispersion is enabled;(*) VRay Ornatrix Mod: Fixed a crash when using Bitmap texture with sequence for Thickness map in Render settings;(*) VRay Ornatrix Mod: Ox Render Settings were not applied to the exact group specified in the modifier;(*) VRay OSLMtl/VRay OSLTex: Fixed the tab order for shader parameters controls;(*) VRay Physical Camera: Camera tilt parameters are not properly updated in the viewport for hidden cameras;(*) VRay Proxy: Slow import of proxy meshes with the weld option on;(*) VRay VRmat Mtl: Fixed bug when exporting textures that have no tiling disabling and mapping type set to Explicit map channel;(*) .vrscene exporter: Rendering exported animation scenes should append frame numbers to the output images;(*) ply2vrmesh: Fixed conversion of PRT files with many particles; 169 nowości/zmian/napraw - nice!

This is for people using Vray/Mental ray as raytrace maps may (and will) slow down rendering times considerably A spent hours today trying to fix my scene - I kept getting - error: UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: Irradiance map thread Last marker is at ./srs/globillummap.cpp, line 1692: Global Illum Map::build Light Map() - Changed all materials through the vray scene converter but the raytrace map which was causing the problem was still there (although nowhere to be found in the scene materials). Finally managed to create a short script to remove the RAYTRACE maps from your scene.

I found no good advice on the internet and finally I got to this page. Actually it is replacing the raytrace with an empty bitmap map.

To get the up-to-date interface manual for your software, please refer to the official documentation.

In the last tutorial about the control of DMC Sampler’s adaptability, we learned how to affect the quality and speed of V-Ray rendering globally.

Could not find a null map so the best solution I could find was this.

vray unhandled exception updating render lights last-18

As always after a release, we will be starting work right away on the next version.

This article is written for V-Ray 3d rendering plugin version 1.5.- How to calculate the best amount for Dynamic Memory Limit?There is one disgusting thing while rendering complex scenes in V-Ray. It can even fully disarm someone, killing any enthusiasm to continue any further work on the current scene. Can it really be true that to complete a big project we inevitably need to increase the amount of RAM, installed in computer?Especially unexpected and tricky this thing becomes when one is working on the commercial rendering with clearly defined deadline. Is it true, that the only way out is to go to the computer store and buy a few more sticks of RAM?All forums and discussion boards about V-Ray renderer are just snowed under with the pleading requests for help in completion rendering of heavy scene : D Of course, we are talking about the lack of RAM during rendering, which is the prevailing reason of 3ds Max and V-Ray system crash. To answer these questions, let us see how V-Ray uses the memory and what tools of managing the process of its use are available to us.You all make Corona Renderer what it is, and you shape what it will be in the future!