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I talked to the lumber manger and he said it would take care of it.

You get there and say Good Morning and you get No Response !!!!

, Now you we have an HR Manager that I forgot more than he will ever know who also has a speech problem.

I rushed to the customer service desk, set down the items and told a female employee there that the bottle leaks, and I was going to wash my hands in the men’s room.

So I washed/rinsed them – and no paper towels to dry my hands.

So occasionally we go to Lowe’s on Southwestern Blvd in Hamburg NY for drain cleaner/opener.

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Carl and Jim never saw eye-to-eye on many things and made a split in 1952. Under Carl, the business expanded rapidly, opening 3 additional stores in Asheville, Charlotte and Durham in 1955.

I was part of the success of 2016 Black Friday and claiming the #1 status, but I knew this year we in no way could back that up, our customers were telling me, but your management must cant hear either, because the don’t listen, some of them I believe are actually afraid to talk with our customers and avoid them.With the amount of money we spend at the store, and the amount of money the store must spend with custom orders from this company, that should be done. I have seen so many changes in this store in my nearly 4 years of working there, most I consider, Not Good.We will take our business elsewhere if this is not resolved immediately. This store is staffed with some of the worse management that I have ever had to work with, some will not even acknowledge you,not sure they can even speak.I took the trailer to the repair shop he told me to, and got estimate for the repairs.The manager called me and said that the store would give me $300.00, and the total repair cost is $582.57, which means I have to put out $282.57 for their mistake.I have hauled 7 loads of pellets on my trailer and it was not damages in anyway, because I had it loaded with the weight spread out on the complete trailer. store were lazy and loaded the complete pallet on the nose of my trailer bending the cross members and the coupler.