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Video2brain dynamic dreamweaver websites creating and validating forms

In this chapter you learn how to create basic forms, and populate the forms with all the goodies, such as: check boxes, radio buttons, text input fields; even drop-down menus.

Today forms are filled out on a computer screen; the data is validated and compiled into a readable final product, along with relevant statistics and averages.

What I’m describing is creating electronic forms, designed, implemented, and finished, all with the help of Adobe Dreamweaver.

For more information, see Enhanced HTML5 support for form elements.

Specifies the maximum number of characters that can be displayed in the field.

In the example below, Rafting is the currently selected option.

video2brain dynamic dreamweaver websites creating and validating forms-43

For example, the button might calculate the total cost of items selected based on assigned values.Allow multiple responses within a single group of options. The following example shows three check box items selected: Surfing, Mountain Biking, and Rafting. Selecting a button within a radio button group deselects all others in the group (a group consists of two or more buttons that share the same name).

Not very efficient; however, that’s the way it was done, many long years ago.Using an image to perform tasks other than submitting data requires attaching a behavior to the form object.(Creative Cloud users only): As part of HTML5 support, new attributes have been introduced in the Properties panel for form elements.In addition, four new form elements (E-mail, search, telephone, URL) have been introduced in the Forms section of the Insert panel.The server responds by sending the processed information back to the user (or client), or by performing some other action based on the form’s contents.You can create forms that submit data to most application servers, including PHP, ASP, and Cold Fusion.Adobe Dreamweaver simplifies the process of creating and implementing forms of any size and complexity.