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Vb net turn off screen updating

In case there are new LTK types in the future we shouldn't just blindly assume that !

Signed-off-by: Andrew Zaborowski builddeb: use $OBJCOPY variable instead of objcopy commit 6b4a144a92ab81a1f45fb9b12aebaaaee0d08120 upstream.

In cross-build environment, we expect to use the cross-compiler objcopy instead of the host objcopy.

We want to make sure the point is still within the extent item, not to verify the memory it's pointing to.

Signed-off-by: Liu Bo Btrfs: don't check nodes for extent items commit 8a56457f5f8fa7c2698ffae8545214c5b96a2cb5 upstream.

Rearrange them to work just like syscalls that return -ENOSYS.

It fixes following build failures: objcopy --only-keep-debug lib/modules/3.14/kernel/net/ipv6/xfrm6_mode_/srv/build/linux/debian/dbgtmp/usr/lib/debug/lib/modules/3.14/kernel/net/ipv6/xfrm6_mode_objcopy: Unable to recognise the format of the input file `lib/modules/3.14/kernel/net/ipv6/xfrm6_mode_tunnel.ko' Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra random: fix nasty entropy accounting bug commit e33ba5fa7afce1a9f159704121d4e4d110df8185 upstream.Commit 0fb7a01af5b0 "random: simplify accounting code", introduced in v3.15, has a very nasty accounting problem when the entropy pool has has fewer bytes of entropy than the number of requested reserved bytes.

On the mgmt level we have a key type parameter which currently accepts two possible values: 0x00 for unauthenticated and 0x01 for authenticated.This has probably been broken since Linux 2.6.27: af0575bba0 i386 syscall audit fast-path Cc: Roland Mc Grath lz4: fix another possible overrun commit 4148c1f67abf823099b2d7db6851e4aea407f5ee upstream.There is one other possible overrun in the lz4 code as implemented by Linux at this point in time (which differs from the upstream lz4 codebase, but will get synced at in a future kernel release.) As pointed out by Don, we also need to check the overflow in the data itself.There are 3335 lines of code changed/added in Linux kernel release v3.15.3.If you would like to download the release package for Linux v3.15.3, please click: Linux v3.15.3.While we are at it, replace the odd error return value with just a "simple" -1 value as the return value is never used for anything other than a basic "did this work or not" check. Bailey" Bluetooth: Fix properly ignoring LTKs of unknown types commit 61b433579b6ffecb1d3534fd482dcd48535277c8 upstream.