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Under the leadership of Principal Investigator Dana De Hart, Ph.

D., Research Professor and Assistant Dean for Research, College of Social Work, University of South Carolina, Consortium members held intensive meetings to integrate input from the field, discuss issues, and draft a common definition and mission statement for victim assistance.

Members also developed a kit that included three sets of standards: Victim Assistance Program Standards, Competency Standards for Victim Assistance Providers, and Ethical Standards for Victim Assistance Providers.

Here is an excerpt from an essay posted on Vanity Fair’s website that just made me feel all kinds of things: If I, at eight, or 10, or 14 (oh god, 14), had seen Adam Rippon in all his swanning, proud splendor, and everyone applauding him for it, it would have destroyed me—but also remade me.

The fact that Adam Rippon skated his heart out yesterday at the Olympics and helped win the USA a bronze medal in the team competition as an openly gay athlete means a lot to a lot of people.

Canadian athlete Eric Radford (@ericradford85) made #Olympics history last night, becoming the first openly gay athlete ever to win a gold medal at the Winter Games. A ‘thrilled and happy’ Betty Buckley will star in the national tour of ‘Hello, Dolly!

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We thank the new members of the National Victim Assistance Standards Consortium (2011–2012) for their devotion to revising the original document to reflect promising practices in the field, and for infusing the standards and supplemental materials with a new energy and contemporary relevance.We also thank those who participated in town hall meetings and listening sessions for providing insights that fueled Consortium discussions, and also the many reviewers who provided input on preliminary drafts of the original and revised .

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They are purposefully broad to address the wide range of crime victims and survivors.Read this deeply moving essay on “The Bittersweet Beauty of Adam Rippon” Eric Radford makes history at Winter Olympics! It would have said something to me that I rarely ever heard said.Take a look as Architectural Digest takes us inside the gorgeous homes of Ricky Martin and Nate Berkus! How much time young queer people spend yearning for that kind of connection, forever sifting through culture to find the gay stuff.Many members are direct service providers, and most have substantial experience in the victim services field.The Consortium was established in 1999 by the Office for Victims of Crime within the U. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs—in partnership with the University of South Carolina under grant number 1999-VF-GX-K012—to conduct an extensive review of the literature on victim services and the standards existing in the field.Its members hosted town hall meetings throughout the country and bridged geographic and philosophical divides to find common ground on many issues.