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Updating cei for navy reservists

Maintenance and operations Airmen from the 513th supported naval operations by providing airborne command and control to ships and aircraft during Joint Task Force Exercise 2015. 27, 2015, from Naval Air Station North Island in San Diego, California, where they provided Airborne Warning and Control System support to the Navy's Joint Task Force Exercise off the coast of Southern California.

The council works to educate employers and educational institutions about how to support reservists, mainly by accommodating their need for time off to train or deploy."So if someone’s got to go away for two months to fight a forest fire, we like to work with the employer to come at some sort of arrangement (so) that it’s not detrimental to the individual in terms of their career," Roy said.

Stephen Traynor, regional director general for Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), was in attendance to learn more about reservists.

Lead by Officer in Tactical Command, Lieutenant-Commander Trent Nichols (Commanding Officer, ), Naval Reservists from all ranks and trades came together to refresh their skills, progress in individual training, and for several members experience life at sea for the first time.

Naval Warfare Officers honed their expertise in navigation and ship handling as they responded to man over board and steering gear breakdown drills.

In this case, however, weather throughout the country played a direct role.

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He joined the naval reserves in 2013, and is serving while he studies at the University of Winnipeg.Fawcett said he plans to stay on with the naval reserve after he graduates."It’s all very flexible, and that’s what I enjoy perhaps the most about the naval reserve," he said. Denis Roy, a liaison officer with the Canadian Forces Liaison Council.

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"We had traditional reservists as well as an active-duty member on the trip," Vardaro said.Boatswains, cooks and other crew members worked on firefighting techniques, knot tying and casualty clearing, as well as working with heaving lines and manning the Zodiac.Every mariner knows that weather is a crucial factor when planning for ships going to sea."It was a great opportunity for team building as well as training.We were totally focused on the mission at hand, whether it was launching aircraft or recovering them, or getting them ready and prepped for the next flight.24 from Naval Air Station North Island in Coronado, Calif. -- Reservists from the 513th Air Control Group returned Aug.