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Updating album info

To add the album art, just drag and drop the covers on top of the album. Either way, the next time you open that album in Windows Media Player, you will be able to see the covers.

Go back to your library, and you’ll see a new “Carl Orff” entry in the library, but it might be blank.

To populate it, we just need to enter that artist and then do a regular in the top actionbar.

Open the album for which you want to add the missing information. Windows Media Player will start a wizard that will help you find and update the missing album information.

If all the selected tracks are from the same album, select the appropriate option and click on .

Hmm, it looks like my multi-disc album of a local, live performance didn’t get split into multiple discs correctly.

Select the individual tracks that should be part of “Disc 2”.

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I've used this on obscure recordings that don't always show up in the various online databases, for podcasts, and for private or self-published recordings.Even though we try really hard to make sure your imported music library is magically, perfectly listed, the reality is there is some possibility of snags along the way. We’ve made it easy for you to edit the artist, album, or track information to correct it.We’ll go through some examples in this article for how to correct various things.So, you’ve got an album of Carl Orff’s wonderful scenic cantata “Carmina Burana” in your library.Unfortunately, it actually got scanned in under an and then save the changes.Then, open Windows Media Player, navigate through your music library and find that specific album.