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It wasn't much better than the other options besides that it tied delayed messaging (email) to instant messaging (jabber) through the same contact info.

Maybe my google-fu is particularly weak today, but I couldn't find a clear statements which clients outside fullfill those (obviously only the IM suite, since mobile wouldn't apply) tends to be best for desktop (binaries exist for most desktop OSes). Or you can use which, though a web client, has fairly good feature support as well.

I think now the only escape from the walled gardens is regulatory pressure forcing interconnect of the larger players Sounds good on paper, sure, but ultimately it will end up being a predictable bureaucratic mess, causing more harm than good:a) The mandatory 'open' standard that gets produced will end up being designed by committees of management teams from 6-7 major companies, each with their own list of feature requests and no central 'vision'.b) A lack of a cohesive strategy and (critically) a lack of real incentives by the members to partake will result in endless delays, slow moving technological progress, layers of old cruft that never gets removed, and toxic political infighting causing confusion among vendors.c) The standard ends up being so complex and involved that it isolates other small/medium sized players (or large foreign players) from joining in, eliminating the 'openness' the original regulation envisioned and crippling competition.d) Ultimately reduces the ability for developers to get paid via monetization and grow via capital investments in the US, as non-regulated open-source projects (or foreign private apps) gain a major advantage of not having to be forced to use the standard.

On my phone I run: Telegram, Messenger, Viber, whatsapp, hangouts, signal, slack and SMS. I regularly need to think where should I message someone or where is a specific chat group....

I should have installed skype as well, but its the worst chat app ever that kills your battery instantly. Imagine you had to do this for every email service provider.

TLDR: open-source and the global nature of technology, lack of incentives, design by committee, regulatory agencies staffed by the very same companies it's regulating, etc, etc will result in the crippling of innovation and harm the quality of chat apps in the US.

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Then they killed off the jabber client to force users further into their software ecosystem.Then Hangouts came along and has to some degree replaced Talk with further ties into that ecosystem.

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It's not just about good intentions and spotting a tough problem, it's about whether they can realistically and effectively achieve the end goals...XMPP is a bit complex, and suffers from some problems derived from too much flexibility. This could be fixed by creating a meta XEP that lists all XEPs needed by modern clients. Such a meta XEP exists already: If you use a client that conforms to the Advanced Client requirements of the IM and Mobile Compliance Suites (with a similarly up-to-par server), you will have a very good experience.Recommendations for good clients for desktop systems?They even played ball for a while and released a good quality open libjingle, then decided that fighting spam from the other open XMPP networks is not worth their time and killed the whole openness concept - despite being an orders of magnitude simpler problem than email spam.I think now the only escape from the walled gardens is regulatory pressure forcing interconnect of the larger players (Facebook, Google, Yahoo etc.) at least at text chat level. It doesn't even use GCM, and both latency and energy usage are fantastic.Google Talk was only ok when they had a jabber service.