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Toilet slave hookups

It’s fun to watch a slave hop, dance, howl and plead when this is done.

You enjoy different aspects of feces, be it the smell, taste or feel.

You are looking for someone who also shares an enthusiasm for this fetish.

I attach several ropes and run them in different directions to add stress.

I like to vary the intensity of the torments so the training can last longer.

The time limit it can be tolerated is minimal, several minutes at the most. Well, that depends on the type of lotion, I suppose. I usually use something with aloe in it; even a gel works nicely.

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But I guess it’s OK to and use the little plastic ones. Balls sporting a handful of the plastic clothespins look like an exotic colorful flower. So far, My champion has sported seventy five clothespins on his balls for five minutes.

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After all, I want My prisoner to feel My further torments as much as possible.Sometimes I wear My leather gloves for this, sometimes I just use the gloves themselves for the slapping.I also have a thin little leather ball slapper that really works nicely.It’s fun to use rawhide strips to tie the penis and balls into positions nature never intended.Penis suspension is an activity that comes to mind when rope is used.One of the best spots for a tight clothespin on the penis is the frenum, that stretch of pink sensitive skin on the underside, right beneath the head.