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Things to do on your one year dating anniversary

Stock up on great food, decorations movies or whatever it is that spells a relaxing vacation at home for the two of you.

This website will help you find decorations and supplies for your special occasion.

Once again, this is a very desirable option for busy professionals. To celebrate, you can do it all again, or you can upgrade it.

Here are five ideas for different budgets, time and energy that can help you celebrate your special day in a way that is as unique as your relationship.

52 Ways To Say I Love You Make a long list for your partner of all the things you love about him or her. You can make a list of 50 things or 100 things, but 52 is a great number for a one-year anniversary because it is one item for every week of the year.

Learn how to communicate effectively with your partner.

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Paper is the traditional first year anniversary gift for married couples, but you could give your girlfriend a paper gift for your first year of dating, too.

Even if you aren’t particularly outdoorsy as a couple, this provides the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the outdoors! In fact, particularly if you are a long-distance couple, work opposite shifts or are simply very busy, staying home can be a great way to celebrate your time together.Based in Los Angeles, Zora Hughes has been writing travel, parenting, cooking and relationship articles since 2010. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in television writing/producing and a Master of Arts Management in entertainment media management, both from Columbia College.Her work includes writing city profiles for Groupon. Listen carefully to him in the coming days and weeks, jotting down little tidbits about his interests and wishes along the way.In the end, the greatest anniversary gift you can give your boyfriend is demonstrating that you know more about him than anyone else on the planet does. Ethan Ethan Fixell is a writer and comedian from New York City best known as one half of comic “dating coach” duo Dave and Ethan. Set aside a whole day, turn off the phone and don’t answer the door.