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Ten tips on dating a korean girl

Given the skewed sex ratio, she really has much more options than you – so play it right the first time.

If you aren’t modest, there actually is no space for anyone else since you’re already so full of yourself. Indian girls aren’t exactly the way they’re depicted in movies – the ones who say ‘No’ but mean ‘Yes’.

Whether it is a ‘No’ to a date, to a task, to meet somebody, to a physical relationship, to a hug – whatever the case may be. We’ve moved on from that syndrome and we pretty much mean a ‘No’ when we say ‘No’.

Some of the worst examples of humanity I have encountered have been Somalis, absolutely filthy people, at least the ones I have ran into.

They are doing nothing to really spread true Korean culture, or create a new one that can have a deep impact. Dude, I don't know if you got the right tribe/family or what, but that is shocking to me.

More of them are choosing to marry other asians, but at the same time, the rate of interethnic marriage has increased. more Koreans are marrying Chinese instead of other Koreans.

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Give her the space to be herself and don’t judge her by what she wears and what she drinks.

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There is nothing better than knowing that someone will be there to talk it out, at the end of a not-so-good day. Thats stupid IMO, not many Korean chics can match Fox in terms of a total package. I see many white girls who listen to this stuff on their ipod. Kpop has really "boosted" korean and asian males in general. Kpop has really "boosted" korean and asian males in general. even though nowadays they have more opportunities etc. I have been getting CRAZY play from white and Mexican girls . Don’t flaunt things because it generally pisses girls off.Modesty is the key to accommodating another person in your life.Later, when she comes to know the real you, she will realize that she fell for someone who you’re not.