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We have written frequently about the high incidents of murder and armed robbery in Nassau (New Providence).

The crew member contracted herpes and human papillomavirus (HPV), and sustained substantial physical and mental injuries, due to the rape.

After Oceania refused to cooperate, we flew the rape victim to Miami, where the cruise line and hiring agent are located, in order for the cruise line to provide medical and psychological treatment within their network of doctors.

Two months ago the Nassau Guardian reported that a Bahamian taxi cab driver was arrested on charges that he raped a US woman visiting Nassau.

Nassau's Tribune newspaper published an article in September 2014 about the last Canadian crime warning for the Bahamas.

There has been an increase in armed robberies targeting tourists in Nassau.

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We have also written about Canadians residents and citizens becoming victims of horrific violent crimes in the Bahamas. Many cruise passengers chose to decide to stay on their cruise ships while in the port of Nassau.: The Nassau Tribune covered the Canadian travel advisory.

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Most cruise tourists don't understand that the murder, rape and crime rates per capita are much higher in the Bahamas, particularly in Nassau, than anywhere the tourists are from. Please leave one below Canada has issued another travel advisory, warning that travelers to the Bahamas "should exercise a high degree of caution (due to) high rates of crime, especially in Nassau." The Canadian government said that "crime occurs mainly in Nassau and Freeport.The alleged rape took place after the woman had her drink spiked.Celebrity / Royal Caribbean registered the in Malta.The man also faces charges of holding the woman against her will and committing "violent indecent assault" on the woman.The young man and woman were on the cruise with their families.The US government, through the State Department and the US Embassy, has issued numerous warnings about crime in Nassau affecting cruise passengers and tourists.