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Tamagotchi tama go dating place

An unfriendly addition to the veterinary profession's list of exotic companion the hottest toys in town?

To prevent your Tamagotchi from aging more than one age, you can just reset it.

Once your Tamagotchi reaches 6 years and 3 days old, but before it reaches 7 years of age, set the time to , the matchmaker, named Otokitchi, will appear on the screen with a book. When she finds a mate, select "Yes" when it says, "Love? You will have either a baby boy or girl with your adult Tamagotchi.

[Japanese; cute little egg] space-age cyberpet; a solely electronic state; indigenous to Japan, appearing as an egg on a liquid-crystal screen.

Life history, consisting of hatching, feeding, beeping when not fed, sleeping in 12 hour snatches, growing, dying prematurely if neglected, flying away, is completed usually in 2 weeks with maximum recorded life span 4 weeks.

Did you get your hands; Every year there's that toy that's at the top of every youngster's Christmas list.

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In Tama Town, you can only gain souvenirs if your Tamagotchi username is entered.When you see a shovel, treasure chest, or a magic lamp, buy it.

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However, if you are unlucky it will give you something that will make your Tamagotchi sad.When you donate 20 000 points you will be given a password for a cape. When you donate 30 000 points you will be given a crown and become the Prime Minister.You will not be not able to donate any more points after that.For a boy Tamagotchi of any age, put it in "Time Out" eight times.For a girl Tamagotchi of any age, put it in "Time Out" six times. If you have the secret code item called "Costume", use it and your Tamagotchi should turn into another character, but only for one day.The low maintenance costs and brief life span appear to have been designed to suit society's average desired investment level and affection span for a house pet.