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Stacy london and clinton kelly dating

And it was rather convenient that our lifespans were short enough that we would generally die soon after childbearing age anyway.

When I arrived in the New York City studios we headed straight for the mirror where many before me have had their fashion critiqued.

We spoke about style for the average mom, what fashion rules everyone always screws up, how to dress in this economy, my outfit (okay, but lacked "pop") and more. After stepping out of the mirror, Stacy and Clinton gave me a tour of the "What Not to Wear" set.

I don’t see why that can’t be a compliment.) Of course we want to stay strong and healthy as long as possible, but ) much like changing the way we perceive a woman like me. You can ask me about politics, the stock market, the best movies of the 1970s, what I think of this election, and .) I don’t want to be defined by my age. You can ask me about heartbreak and disappointment, about triumph and fear and courage.

You don’t need to ask me about my feelings on marriage or children. I’ve had more experience with it because I’ve had more TIME to have experience. There’s that quote: “I’m not the same girl I was yesterday.” In some ways, the woman I’ve become didn’t even exist yesterday.

Age is part of time, and does in fact change things.

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Frilly, girly clothes don’t have enough gravitas for me.

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Even if we’re past bearing children, are we meant to look as if we still can?Is that what Botox and fillers and peels and exercising 11 times a week are meant to do for us? What’s so bad about growing older when it’s revered in almost every society except ours?(All of you who hate my gray streak because you say it makes me look "old"?But when I started to ask myself if a dress was too short or showed too much skin or the eyeshadow I wanted was a little allowed in Kansas. Not sure where I was going with this metaphor.) I’ve been dying to wear that Love Shack Fancy pink cotton tiered halter minidress that I got at the sample sale.But every time I put it on I laugh, proof positive that my brain has -Harley Quinn-looking pouf skirt.We still live in a culture where men grow more handsome, distinguished, and even trustworthy with age. Sociobiologically speaking, in caveman days, if we could no longer bear children our use-value dropped sharply and inevitably.