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Get a primer on color management, the Display P3 color space, and practical workflow techniques for producing more colorful images and icons.

In 2015, it created a separate video section and allowed some publishers to share revenue from standalone video ads it ran there.

Last year, it also began testing mid-roll ads in live videos.

And they can also only appear in videos that run for at least 90 seconds.

In other words, Facebook is telling publishers that in order to make money, they need to make clips that go on for a while and keep users’ attention.

Hello there, do you know what to do when the SD card fails to show up in Gallery on Android phone? So how can I fix this issue and make SD card with photos, videos etc to show up in Gallery again? " Have you ever met this issue that the saved photos, images or videos on SD card suddenly disappeared from the Gallery on your phone?

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Usually, this quick fix will solve SD card photos or videos not showing up in Gallery error. You may follow below two offered methods to get problems solved then.

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That means that most publishers have seen little or no ad revenue from the clips they show on Facebook, even though many are spending considerable resources trying to build up a video presence there.Facebook wants to show more ads to people who watch its videos and start making money for the people who supply it with those videos.Industry sources say the social network is going to start testing a new “mid-roll” ad format, which will give video publishers the chance to insert ads into their clips after people have watched them for at least 20 seconds.Sources say that decision came after Buzz Feed executives complained to Facebook executives that they weren’t making enough money from Facebook video.Facebook has also tried other experiments to create advertising opportunities for publishers.Wide color displays allow your app to display richer, more vibrant and lifelike colors than ever before.