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Sherri dupree max bemis dating

However, if you have lyrics you’ve written, I will change them around a bit and incorporate them into your song if you’d like.

Outside of her own band, you can hear Sherri's vocals featured on the last two Say Anything records, as well as singing with Max at

Max will write the lyrics and sing lead vocals on the songs, and Sherri will contribute backups, harmonies, and in certain cases, leads of her own.

Song Shops are acoustic recordings done by me through a quality mike.

Once and a while I’ll layer stuff a bit but more often then not I just perform them live for a very organic, emotionally resonant feel, (which is the most fun and easy) while still having them sound great.

Just include them with your description and it’ll be like we collaborated on the song!

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I started with a very small amount of songs, but soon realized I was able to actually write hundreds of songs per “wave” (we call each opening of Song Shop a wave).

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The “vibe” of the song totally ranges based on what feelings your description provokes in me.I asked myself: as a music fan what is something I would actually want that can’t be pirated?What is something that would touch my heart in a truly direct way? I thought to myself “I would probably pay a thousand dollars to have my own Foo Fighters song about my life.” Before I conned him into writing music with me for free (we’re in a band together), I would have done the same for Chris Conley from Saves the Day.Though I don’t consider myself as talented as either Grohl OR Conley, I realized a lot of kids probably would value a song written about them by me (which is crazy to think about, but uncannily it’s true).I started dabbling in doing a few songs until I realized I had a strange ability to do lots of songs, and then I teamed up with my friend Aaron and Merch Direct who helped me turn this into a real, functioning small business.Also, something silly and lighthearted is also just as valid as something dark or deep. Just let me know that and I’ll come up with something either completely out of my imagination or just put your name in it. Unfortunately, though you wouldn’t think so, both of these things take much more time than writing a song for me, so we don’t include them as an option in Song Shop.