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Sure, the syntax and details are somewhat different from language to language or implementation to implementation, but the basic idea is the nearly the same, whether you call it them templates, generics or Jim Bob's Fancy New Macro.

In its shipped form, this won't work as TInc Data Set Provider.

Inc Fetch Align Data Set uses a Locate to find the record it needs to start from, which is not available in a unidirectional dataset - fair enough.

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So I have rewritten this procedure to replace the locate.

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They are generic functionality that doesn't use inheritance. I don't know if he did, but I didn't have to Google it.In addition, so far every example I have seen of someone showing how they'd use generics in . ;-) I did Google while preparing this response and found this: -----Jon----- "Larry Drews" in years past.

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Probably 90 % of the folks here don't even know of it is existence. I am old enough to even know how Jovial got it is name. It was developed to write software for the electronics of military aircraft by Jules Schwartz in 1959." By the way, I was being sarcastic. Yes, you made clear that you don't get what generics can do for you, in "similar in kind".Has anyone got any ideas about what is going on here? 2006-08-16 PM delphi100 Online dating service is 100% FREE on Sex Dating Point.It is about whether it makes any sense for developers that never saw fit to use generics before to suddenly pretend they are this great new thing. In English the phrase "of a sort" is an idiom that means "not exactly" or "similar in kind".It doesn't mean they are the same, but they are quite similar. A good summary is here: Perhaps the most important message regarding generics is that they are not templates.NET 2.0 that couldn't be done since the early 90's, with templates in languages like C .