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I had approached George Anderson about coauthoring a story with me after he contributed heavily to “Catch of a Lifetime.” I had an idea for a story and a good start. I took dual credit, college and high school, classes and I worked my butt off to get those grades. I was out there running my ass off trying to break the school record in the 400 meters. He’d push off every now and again, go throw three or four times and then hold that fence up again for a while. Dad taught that class and he never counted him tardy or absent.

If you want to be student council president, I’ll drop out and run for class president. People would invite me to parties by asking if Talbot and I were doing anything Friday. “I’m worried about you.” “I’m sorry, Allie, I didn’t mean to snap at you,” I said. I actually had a good time and there was no sign of Talbot. I shrieked when I realized I was in my bra and panties and they were really small panties. I’ve never seen you like that before.” He picked me up and carried me like a baby back to bed.

I had thought that high school was bad enough, but college was even worse. “Leave me the hell alone.” “Jesus, girlfriend, I was just asking,” she said. Let’s go.” I grumbled around a while, but she dragged me off to the party.

Coauthoring has been a blast, and I hope we can do it again sometime.

Meanwhile, enjoy “Hate at First Sight.” Do you believe in hate at first sight?

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Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, . Papa Kilo14, Hal, Pixel the Cat, George Anderson and Olddave1951. SBrooks103x also gives me a pre-post read and criticism. I am very grateful to George for doing this with me. He was off the hook to work with and a first class writer in his own right. To be on her team and have my name mentioned on her stories is a tremendous honor. The biggest difference between us is that I’m black and he’s white. There were only nine black kids in our high school and I didn’t care for most of them. When I mentioned Talbot, he got this huge silly grin on his face.

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Your butt is getting fat, though, so you need the conditioning.” Beating on him with my fists didn’t faze him a bit. He had tons of curly dark hair, a face off a fashion magazine and all the other kids at school loved him. My mom was a science teacher and my dad was the football coach and taught health and PE. I had him third hour in art three my junior year, and when I walked in the first day he introduced himself and hugged me. He was ten minutes late on the days he bothered to show up at all. They would look at me as if I was weird and ask me if we had broken up. He would even ask me things like, “Hey, Calvin asked if we were going to the lake with them, are we? The next thing I knew, I was away from the lights, fighting off two douche bags from the baseball team who were trying to get me naked. I just got here and I didn’t know you were coming.” “I’m okay, Talbot, just take me home. He had ridden his motorcycle, and I had to make him stop once on the way back to my apartment so I could puke. If you want to be class president, you drop out and run for that.” I wanted both just to rub his nose in it, but I’m not stupid. I would tell them I had no idea what Talbot was doing, but I’d be happy to come to the party. I smoked a couple of joints (it’s legal here) and had way too much to drink. I made my offering to the porcelain gods, and there was Talbot with a cool wet washcloth, cleaning me up. As usual, Harddaysknight gives me peer review and a critical read. We agreed on a division of labor and I’m as happy with it as anything I’ve ever written. Co-author’s note: Randi Black is widely known as one of the most talented and respected writers on the site. Talbot played defensive end on Dad’s football team and he was all state three years in a row. What made it so infuriating was that he won state our junior and senior years. By taking those weighted classes, I passed him in the class rankings. When I told Dad I wanted to sleep in and miss his class, I got this lecture about responsibility and being the best I could be.