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The Internet is the youth's preferred method of collaboration and communication in the modern day.

It also recognizes Live Journal as a social network and will monitor that site, but it has yet to include other blogging platforms such as Tumblr.

Safety Web Safety Web monitors your child's online activity for you, so you're not in the dark about their accounts and activities.

A parent's diligence in ensuring that their kids understand these dangers is paramount.

Make sure your kids know about information privacy and that the Internet is not a benign place.

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Monitored platforms include Facebook, Flickr, My Space, Twitter, and You Tube.The service will notify you, the parent, if your child has posted anything potentially unsafe or inappropriate, within categories related to drugs and alcohol, sex, depression, profanity, and cyberbullying.That way, you can check your child's public activity without having to join every site or read every post they make.Mc Gruff Safeguard software takes online monitoring a step further: It can record every move your child makes on the Internet, covering everything from instant-message logs to search terms on Google.Parents can keep a close eye on their children and discuss any behavior found to be dangerous or inappropriate.Whether you use a software monitoring tool or not, experts agree that having regular conversations with your children about their online usage is the most important element to keeping them safe and aware of the dangers of the Web.