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These berries also serve as food for the birds during the winter." new Window.document.write(new Content) new Window.document.close() } function show Offsets() By DEWEY PARR Living on an isolated island as a child, I was fascinated with all the different aspects of nature.

It grows where nothing else will." new Content = " When I was growing up on the Island we called Yaupon the Tea Bush.

The leaves and twigs, when brewed properly, have a very high content of caffeine.

The Colonist found it could be fashioned and shaped like the treasured boxwood they were familiar with in England. As time went on the Islanders found its value in tea production and as a barrier from the winds that played havoc with their gardens.

I have found that if you start trimming it while it is small you can shape it into whatever design you desire. Yaupon has the unique distinction of being drought and salt resistant which is a necessity for growth on the barrier islands.

Nothing gives a gardener any greater joy than to have someone give him a seed, or to provide another person seeds. When Mary and I operated our shop -- the Old Gray House on Light Plant Road in Buxton -- the Wahls family from Athens, Ala., would come to visit with us every year.

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To others like the Spaniards of the 16th century it was a social drink that you shared in leisure moments with friends.Most were not aware that like most stimulants you could become addicted to it." new Content = " Yaupon in times past was a favorite shrub of the Islanders and with the early Colonists.

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She would sip her tea, open a fresh oyster, and take a bite of biscuit and another sip of tea. " new Content =" I never knew the bush was called anything except Yaupon or Tea Bush until later in life when I learned its scientific name was Ilex Vomitoria.We had little to distract us from the beauties that surrounded us each day.I learned to love and respect the different habits of each creature that roamed the woods or lived in the ocean.With each change in the seasons, there came new and exciting things for me to observe and learn.As fall approached, the one thing that took center stage was the formation of seeds on the vines, grasses, shrubs, and trees. Squirrels could be seen flitting from tree to tree. Cooler days and nights also led to a change in the sounds that echoed throughout the day.We used the berry laden branches as Christmas decorations.