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Round rock dating service

Each one of us felt lonely at least once in their lives.

Rodents, in particular rats, could cause mass extinction of the reptiles, birds and plants - as has been the case on mainland Mauritius and other islets.

The survival of reptile community is dependent on the absence of such predators.

Access to the island by boat is very difficult and dangerous as the island has a completely rocky shoreline and the sea is usually very rough.

The most reliable, safe and easy access to the island is by helicopter.

Four to five species were prior to reintroductions onto other offshore islets restricted to Round Island, Guenther’s Gecko, Telfair’s Skink, Keel-scale Boa, Burrowing Boa (possibly extinct), and Durrell’s Night Gecko.

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The wettest period is concentrated between December and March which is also the time when tropical Cyclones can occur, associated with winds that sometimes exceed 250 km/h and with rainfall of high intensity.

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Slopes are generally steep, particularly on the upper third of the island. Unlike many small tropical oceanic islands around the world, Round Island has still retained many of its original elements and is the only relatively large island, in the Mascarene group, free of introduced mammals.It is also one of the very few remaining elevated tropical islands in the world that is rodent free.However their introduction to the island is a real possibility if precautions during visits to the island are not adequately taken.The biodiversity of the island is very vulnerable to alien species introduction .Breakfast is served 8 am- am; lunch am-pm; afternoon snacks – pm; dinner pm- each day.