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Raymond lam and tavia yeung dating

After learning Taekwondo, his body became muscular.

He also met a lot of new friends, which eventually shaped his positive attitude personality.

When he was five, Min Ho nearly became a lost child.

(Description from Lee Min Ho’s mum) This is a continuation to my previous article on Lee Min Ho’s childhood where his mother narrates on the interesting events and little details about Lee Min Ho when he was young.

Lee Min Ho ( 5 to 9 years old) Min Ho loved to read the newspaper.

During his middle and high school, he liked Sol Kyung Gu and Kim Soo Roh respectively and often mentioned that he wanted to become actors like them.

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When he returned home, he would put it simply: “Mom, I went for an audition today.

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Despite this, he enjoyed a high popularity and had acquainted many friends.Luckily, there was a little tag on his wrist that wrote his house address and his name. Till now, the incident still sends a shiver down my spine whenever I thought of it.Lee Min Ho (10 to 15 years old) After Min Ho entered elementary school, videos and computer games were his only focus.Even till now, discussions on “whether little Min Ho is scared at that time”, are still a common topic among the family members.It was only a short moment before Min Ho roamed around the playground and eventually went missing.There were even fights among them because some girls wanted to gain exclusiveness to Min Ho.