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Purelydating com

This time our goal was to make Ska Date a platform for an interactive dating/social networking site with a number of ways to communicate and have fun.

We could not object the urge of this feature suggestion, because these days one can hardly find an Internet user who wouldn’t have a farm or a fish tank on Facebook.

We have added a few games into Ska Date (can be enabled/disabled via the Admin Panel): Pent House Pool Single Player, Domino Multiplayer, Poker Star, Learn Texas Holdem, Domino Singleplayer, Texas Hold’em Multiplayer.

Speed-dating feature can be used with our default Ajax text chat, or with audio/video chat add-ons.

You can configure the feature access to be membership-dependent.

We can see that the world is changing, and so do the networking trends.

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The Admin Panel interface allows you to add/delete/move the Member Home components, and play with HTML and styles without accessing the server and going through the software files.Simplified interface for converting your site into a social network We call Ska Date Community and Dating Software because its templates, and amazing range of social networking and dating features allows you to build a professional competitive web site for either concept.

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A user-friendly interface allows your members to bookmark the noteworthy profiles during the speed-dating session, and get back to them later dining chairs, we offer an expert upholstery service.Spruce up tired, old furniture without the price-tag of buying new!Now users have even more reasons to come back to your site, and have fun together.Speed-Dating This long-awaited feature is now available to all the Ska Date Dating Script owners and their members.We are glad to announce launching a new version of Ska Date Dating Software – Ska Date 8 Engage.