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Passion fisn dating

If you want to add a bit of “Sport” to the occasion then drop your mainline down to a 3-6lb if you are using Braid or Fireline and about an 6-8lb if you are using Mono.

As we said, a rod and reel combo used Bream or Bass will be fine for the job, generally a rod around the 6’-7’ and either 1-3kg up to 2-4kg.

Graphite or Fiberglass will be fine, really it is whatever you would normally use.

Since the introduction into our waterways, Tilapia have become problematic invasive species and populations have flourished to a point where our Native Species are placed in danger of being wiped out in certain areas.

Large individuals have been reported to prey on small fish and occasionally cannibalize their own young if food is scarce of if the young are not quick enough to leave the males area.

Small Shallow Divers and Vibes are also effective on Tilapia, fishermen chasing Bass and Yellowbelly sometimes end up with a fight on their hands once a Tilapia decides to strike their Jackal, Rapala, Maria or Atomic Hardz.

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Most common in blind estuaries and coastal lakes, but usually absent from permanently open estuaries and open sea and from fast-flowing waters.

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Angler interest in tilapia has spiked with the Call to Arms in the attempt to stem the spread of this noxious pest.Best advice is to place them in a bin, bury them or place them well away from the water but in the same location!To avoid fines of up to $220,000 please follow the direction of Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.One good thing the Tilapia has going for it is the fight it puts up for fishermen using light tackle, it is a great Sports Fish for the whole family to enjoy!At the end of the day, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry consider them invasive species and we all must treat them as such.The idea is to use what you have and enjoy the time!