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Online sexy chatbot

It might even feel creepy–like they’ve engaged in some social media stalking.

“If I’m talking to a friend, do you want Assistant to pop up and say, ‘ding ding ding, I can give you more information about this’? Artificial intelligence isn’t just about smarts–it’s about social intelligence, too.

The NHS is offering patients the opportunity to consult a doctor via their smartphone in the latest attempt to cut waiting lists.

So it's probably only a matter of time until some bean-counter decides that everyone will have to consult Dr Chatbot before they can talk to a real doctor. If you require an appointment, please be advised that the waiting list to see a GP is currently three weeks.

Technology has made great advances, but facial and voice recognition software is still in its infancy. Thank you for ringing NHS Chatbot, the easy way to diagnose 99 per cent of common medical conditions. Please hold and you will be connected to the next available Chatbot .

Tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are betting on chatbots and virtual assistants as the mechanism through which AI will enter our lives.

(Sidenote: Xiaoice is generally beloved by the Chinese public, and even has her own weather channel show.) At the Innovation Festival, Cheng pointed to one situation, where Xiaoice announced in a group chat how many sheep one individual had counted (one of the bot’s most popular apps enables people to count sheep to help them fall asleep).While not particularly scandalous, it’s an awkward piece of information to share in a group setting–and suggests the challenges designers will have to tackle if chatbots do become integral parts of our social interactions online.

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If you’re shy and apprehensive about what people might think about your questions, this is the best solution out there.The Government's record when it comes to computerisation and call centres is hardly impressive.It's just a few weeks since Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt proposed that all patients should have to call the NHS 111 Hotline to determine whether they can be admitted to Accident & Emergency.Some people, too, have trouble using their smartphones for anything other than making calls and sending the odd text. Treatment is free at the point of use, but please be advised that calls are charged at the standard rate of 74p per minute. Please look directly into the screen on your smartphone so your image can be scanned by our facial recognition software. And given that the mobile phone signal in many parts of the country is still woefully inadequate, how's it going to work — in the middle of a flu epidemic, for example — when millions try to get through to a doctor at the same time? If a member of the group mentioned the college that you went to without having asked you about it first, it might make you feel awkward.