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Online dating single men reviews

So that beautiful blonde in an American flag bikini? I never saw her in person but she saw me twice when I was eating at the Mc Donald's in her Wal Mart.

ers so just because i dont have a pussy between my legs i need to upgrade pfft i would not spend a cent on this stupid app and yet some hell its 1 of the most popular apps and now they even start advertising on television pfft what a joke if i could give this app a 0 or even a -1 i would but unfortunately they dont have that option for me so i would give them a 1 this app is run by $#*!

ing wankers and i wish it was never made and i cant wait until the day these $#*! ing wankers go bankrupt and out of business DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY TO UPGRADE I REPEAT DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY to upgrade this stupid site cause if you do you will regret it and they dont even refund your money there a joke and a waste just google plenty of fish and see how many bad reviews these idiots have This is a web sight for men to just use women for sex while pretending to want something real. 4 of them actually blocked me for sending them a polite message. No thanks but no thanks just ignore or block, what lovely people.

They so great yet no man has ever asked them them to marry them.

The good ones get snapped up quickly and the fact they're on here bragging how great everything is but they've never had a relationship longer than a year tells me all i need to know.

let's be honest if they're that ignorant and rude then it's no great loss. up attitude or nobody will want them Only messages I got were ridiculous scammers with links wanted you to sign up for their site.

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THE GUYS on POF are the biggest LOSERS on the planet.

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They are the ones you see in a bar at closing time still on the own They are fat (but say plus sized). ' Here I am ' or ' You've found me ' are popular headlines...... Maybe 15 years ago Full of Soulless materialistic types who think S*x And the City is how to live your life.They've never been able to hang onto a man and that's a huge sign something is wrong with them Mind boggles how many partners they've slept with and been out partying every night having fun and now they want to settle down with a decent guy.No thanks I'm worth more than these skanks on on here.They are unintelligent lack class and are just common trash You wouldn't take any of these to meet your mum But strangely they don't see how bad they are they actually think they're a catch LOL. Spend all their time on social media and their photos are all skimpy selfies despite being 37 sticking their tongues out drunk They say they have great family friends and their life is in order and they love going on holidays.But they're reaching the end of time for child bearing.Even if POF shows their profile when you're surfing. The worst part is the one girl I sort of "met" was creepy.