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In fact, the word “love” is used in some way, shape or form more than as much as the word submission in the referenced passage.

Not only so, but I believe that many women, who aren’t necessarily gifted in this way, may feel slighted and even offended by the thought that the reflection of their willingness to submit to their husbands is measured by the cleanliness of their house, the pile of their laundry, or the quality of their cooking. HAVE WE FOCUSED ON SUPERFICIAL ACTIONS WITHOUT TACKLING THE HEART OF THE ISSUE?

I won’t deny that biblical submission is an important topic, but I revolt against the mentality that it’s measured by a certain list of superficial things.

I politely declined, as I never intended for this to be turned into a debate, just an opportunity to sift through and question our personal and cultural “tradition” vs.


I think deep down, at the heart of biblical submission is a woman’s ability and willingness to TRUST her husband in the give-and-take relationship of marriage.

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And in fact, I LOVE doing those things for my husband!But isn’t there a difference between acts of service toward our spouse, and the biblical concept of women submitting to their husbands!?

And sadly, I’ve seen it used to fulfill selfish agendas and aid in manipulation, and at times, even abuse.May the Lord teach us to love, just as we’ve been loved by Him.And may that love impact our relationships, our marriages, our families, and even our world.Imagine what our marriages would look like if we learned to be the closest reflection to Jesus our spouse would ever see?I don’t know about you, but I’m all for that model of biblical marriage!As a Christian I’ve grown up in conservative circles hearing conversation after conversation about a “submissive wife”, but why is it that we’ve focused so much on submission, yet so little on the idea of establishing a loving marriage? As I look through Scripture, and even zoom-in on the Ephesians 5 passage where all this content stems, I see so much more about love than submission.