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Log into your member portal to see if your registration in question is listed.

To ensure that your dog is going to be making a contribution to his or her breed, it is recommended that you always train your dog in a discipline or earn a champion title in shows.

This will not only increase the perceived value of your dog, but it will also help to ensure good homes for future puppies, as the parent’s skills and abilities are a great indicator of the puppies potential.

We do recommend that you call the CKC Customer Support Center approximately ten (10) minutes after sending the fax transmission so a representative can verify the receipt of your fax. : If a puppy is advertised as CKC-registered or eligible for CKC-registration, the breeder must provide you with a CKC Preprinted Puppy Application at the time of sale.

This application will include an application number, which you may enter online to register the puppy.

: A dog’s registration may be held up or “pended” for several reasons.

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Extreme shyness, phobias, and aggression cannot be trained out of a dog, and once a dog develops these issues, they will require life-long management to prevent reaction to triggers.Prior to breeding any dog, you should always consult your veterinarian.

Another way to find responsible owners is to screen owners carefully.A dog may be rejected when registration is sought through our PAW Program if he/she is found to be not ‘of proper breed type’ upon completion of our evaluation.: Yes, CKC does accept Preprinted Puppy Applications and Canine Applications submitted by fax.Some breeds are prone to hidden genetic diseases that can crop up later in the dogs life, resulting in a diminished quality of life and a bereaved dog owner.Research your breed and rule out any possible genetic defects or disorders through pedigree research and genetic screening.Our time frames do not include mailing time, which may vary depending on circumstances beyond our control, such as distance, your choice of shipping method, holidays, and weather conditions.