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It featured a Department of Chemistry and a Department of Physiology. Jacobsen established the Carlsberg Foundation, run by trustees from the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, which managed the Carlsberg Laboratory as well as supporting scientific research within the fields of natural sciences, mathematics, philosophy, the humanities and social sciences in Denmark.

Jacobsen, the company's headquarters is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Some of the company's original logos include an elephant, after which some of its lagers are named, and the swastika whose use was discontinued in the 1930s because of its association with political parties in neighboring Germany.

For these reasons, in March 2012, Carlsberg suspended production at its Uzbek plant and asked its employees to take an unpaid leave.

Carlsberg Polska is the Polish subsidiary of the Carlsberg Group.

It is the third largest brewing company in Poland with a 14.4% market share.

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The company's flagship brand is Carlsberg Beer (named after Jacobsen's son Carl) but it also brews Tuborg, Kronenbourg, Somersby cider, Russia's best-selling beer Baltika, Belgian Grimbergen abbey beers, and more than 500 local beers. Painting by August Jerndorff (1886) Carlsberg was founded by J. The first brew was finished on 10 November 1847, and the export of Carlsberg beer began in 1868 with the export of one barrel to Edinburgh, Scotland. Since Jacobsen's death in 1887, the majority owner of the company has been the Carlsberg Foundation. Jacobsen standing in his winter garden known as Pompeji, next to a table with laboratory equipment, a bottle of lager, a beer glass, and books by Louis Pasteur and Emil Christian Hansen. With his fortune he amassed an impressive art collection which is now housed in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in central Copenhagen.

Chongqing Brewery would contribute five breweries and Chongqing Light Textile Holding would contribute seven breweries to the joint venture. headquartered in Gurgaon, India is a foreign direct investment company formed to brew and market Carlsberg beer in India.In 2004, Carlsberg became a major shareholder in Lhasa Brewery in the Tibet Autonomous Region.At 3,700 metres above sea level, Lhasa Brewery is believed to be the highest altitude brewery in the Carlsberg Group.The first brewery to be built outside Denmark was in Blantyre, Malawi in 1968.In November 2014, Carlsberg agreed to take over Greece’s third largest brewery, the Olympic Brewery, adding to its operations in the country already and effectively transforming the firm into the second biggest market player in Greece.Jacobsen set up the Carlsberg Laboratory in 1875, which worked on scientific problems related to brewing.