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Michelle obama dating advice glamour

Though the Obama family will soon leave the White House, President Barack and first lady Michelle's beautiful marriage inspired the nation for the past eight years with so, so, so many #Relationship Goals.

This week Michelle Obama, first lady, wife, mom, has taken on a new role, as dating adviser to the world’s single females.

In an interview with American Glamour magazine, she clearly sets out her policy on one of the most pressing social issues facing young women.

“I was trying to impress her and show her I was a culturally sensitive guy, and it worked.” Of the date, Michelle said, “He showed all sides. Look at the whole picture when you first start dating.: "Look at how the guy treats his mother and what he says about women and how he acts with children that he doesn't know and more important how does he treat you?

” So if he takes out his rage on a cashier because the credit card machine isn’t working, GET OUT OF THERE.3.

Throughout various episodes of “Dinner With Barack and Michelle," they recalled their first date.

This year, it's Michelle Obama and her own words of hope that are inspiring change women the world over can believe in. You shouldn't be in a relationship with somebody who doesn't make you completely happy and make you feel whole.

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"So I can’t be surprised that people are interested.But just because they're leaving, it doesn't mean they've left the world empty-handed.Here are some of the enduring, adorable, and hilarious lessons they've taught the world about ~love~.Rule number one: don’t pick a man just because of his looks.“Cute’s good,” says the woman married to the cutest political leader the world has ever seen. When you’re dating a man, you should always feel good...” Oh stop, Michelle, I’m welling up. You shouldn’t be in a relationship with somebody who doesn’t make you completely happy and make you feel whole.“We were in the Oval Office,” wrote the journalist, “nearly 40 minutes into a conversation about the subject of their marriage.” Good grief, does the man not have better things to talk about?