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Mediaportal schedules direct not updating

My initial goal for the weekend project was to get Raspbmc running on one of my Raspberry Pis.

There are additional requirements on grabbers if they want to be "baseline compliant".

See Xmltv Capabilities Since the DTD is available, you can also use Xmltv Validation.

And since a guide channel on its own is not so useful it will also auto-create a default TV channel for each guide channel it creates (using the same name as the guide channel).

A guide channel, that is not attached to a TV channel, can't be recorded nor played.

The specifics of that last step will be dependent upon your hardware.

In Belgium we have a channel called "één" and they have an HD version of the exact same programming called "één HD".So in will check all channels in the file and auto-create guide channels if needed.

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If you follow me on Google you'll know I had a recent rant about Windows Media Center, which after running fine for about a year suddenly decided as of January 29 it was done downloading the program guide and by extension was therefore done recording any TV shows.The XMLTV File Format was originally created by Ed Avis, and is currently maintained by the XMLTVProject.The current CVS version of the DTD is available here.Next PVR is an awesome free (as in beer, not as in freedom unfortunately ...) PVR application for Windows that with a little bit of tweaking handily replaced Windows Media Center.It can even download guide data, which is apparently something WMC no longer feels like doing.I wound up going down this road in a rather circuitous way.