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17.16 The extenuating circumstances committee should use its discretion and judgement in deciding on the severity and impact in any particular case.

17.20 Information about the precise medical or other extenuating circumstances of the candidate must remain confidential to the extenuating circumstances committee.

17.21 The Faculty or School should establish a procedure for ensuring that judgements are as consistent and robust as possible, in-year and year-on-year.

All authorised extensions will be recorded and available to the ECC and the Boards of Examiners.

17.6 Extenuating circumstances that could have been raised before the meeting of the relevant board of examiners, but without good reason were not raised, will not be considered in the event of an appeal.

Consideration of extenuating circumstances by boards of examiners 17.22 The School Board of Examiners will receive the report provided by the Extenuating Circumstances Committee and consider the case of each student who has presented extenuating circumstances, and then determine the effect, if any, on the candidate's results.

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17.2 The effects that properly reported extenuating circumstances have on a student’s performance must be considered by boards of examiners when making progression, completion or classification decisions.The reporting of extenuating circumstances 17.3 The reporting of extenuating circumstances and their effects is the responsibility of the student.

It may include the chair of the School Board of Examiners, to which it reports, and the relevant examinations officer and senior tutor.This information should include: 17.11 An Extenuating Circumstances Committee (previously known as the Special Circumstances Committee) for each programme must be established at a level determined by the relevant Faculty Board.A small extenuating circumstances committee shall be established to consider the extenuating circumstances that may have affected a student's performance in assessment.17.17 If the committee is unable to classify the circumstance, particularly in complex cases, it should flag and recommend to the relevant Board of Examiners that professional advice is sought to help in the interpretation of existing evidence and/or supplementary evidence.17.18 The committee must note the reasons underlying its decisions and these notes, along with information on the period of time in which the circumstances affected the student and the assessments / forms of learning that were affected, should form its report to the Board of Examiners.All decisions on the accommodation of the effects of extenuating circumstances on progression and awards will be made by the board of examiners.