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Maci bookout dating gary shirley

Back at Mimi's house, the Thomas the train birthday party is in full swing.

In the scene, Ryan is driving himself and Mackenzie to their wedding when he begins to slur his words and fall asleep at the wheel.

Mackenzie was forced to hit him to wake him up multiple times, and then turned off the cameras in their car, later asking him if he had taken Xanax, to which he replied no.

Kathleen explains to Tyler that when people are afraid, they act out in anger.

Tyler comes to the conclusion that he needs to say goodbye to Butch and let him go, because he's positive that Butch will die before he recovers and Tyler cannot hold onto the anger any longer.

Catelynn and Tyler visit April and ask her where she stands with Butch. Tyler reveals to her that part of the reason he chose adoption for Carly is because he never had a role model/father.

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It looks like Ryan Edwards' life may be a little chaotic right now.

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Last week on Teen Mom, Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell tried to help their mothers cope with Carly's adoption, Maci Bookout made a mess out of Bentley's birthday, Farrah Abraham said goodbye to Sophia, and Amber Portwood agreed to give Gary Shirley full custody of Leah. The good times end when one of the dogs poops on the carpet. Tyler swears, yells, throws the dog outside, and slams the front door.Part of Tyler wants to cut Butch off, the other part of Tyler fears Butch will die alone and unhappy.Deep down, Tyler loves Butch, so he feel obligated to be there for him. Then, one of the dogs barks, and Tyler yells shut up. Tyler and Catelynn bring their dogs to pick up Nick. Once they're home, Tyler spills his soda and yells a few beeps worth of bad words in front of Nick.Catelynn asks Tyler if he thinks he made the right decision. Catelynn and Tyler are sad, but they take a minute to celebrate the privileged life Carly has with Brandon and Teresa It's Bentley's birthday – and he's with Ryan Edwards and his family. Bentley answers, "Today is my birthday at Mimi's house. No worries, Maci just wants to tell him happy birthday.