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Debit cards, at least in the US, do not have such tough protections.

With a debit card, your maximum loss is $50 – if you notify the issuer within two days of learning about the loss. With a debit card, money is literally withdrawn from an associated bank account when a crook uses it – and getting it restored does not happen in an eye blink. But better advice is: Don’t use debit cards at high risk establishments, and that definitely means hotels.

If you report after two days but before 60 days, liability is capped at $500. Days can pass, maybe a week, and that means car payments may bounce, ditto for home payments, and ATM machines may deny a victim cash withdrawals. And always monitor use on any credit or debit card used at a hotel because it just may have been compromised.

Expectations are that more hotel breaches will hit the headlines, certainly in the run-up to the EMV liability shift in the US in October, when the value to crooks of many credit card numbers will tumble.

Crooks seem to be mining as many card numbers as they can lay hands on now.

A scammer posing as a bank officer fleeced RM95,000 off a senior citizen after convincing that the latter had arrears on his credit card on Monday.

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Despite denying that he owns a credit card or an account with the bank, another man, claiming to be an officer from Bank Negara called the man again on Monday morning asking him to settle the payment.Believing that he did really owed the bank the sum of money, the victim went to a bank in Gurun and transferred the said amount to an account given by the bank officer.

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There is a set of rules regulating the processing of credit card payments each time a lodging reservation is made or cancelled.The reason: Hotel data breaches involving guest credit/debit card information just keep multiplying.Most recently, a small chain of luxury hotels owned by US tycoon Donald Trump apparently has fallen victim, according to reporting by security blogger Brian Krebs.Krebs added: “sources in the financial industry say they have little doubt that Trump properties in several U. locations — including Chicago, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York — are dealing with a card breach that appears to extend back to at least February 2015.” Note: that means the breach lasted at least four months and, importantly, it seems to have been discovered not by the victim organization but by bank security who hunt for patterns in card fraud – what do point-of-sale compromised cards have in common?– and have become exceptionally good at pinpointing where a breach occurred. In March, luxury chain Mandarin Oriental acknowledged it had been breached and customer credit card info stolen.The procedures are straightforward and, in most cases, a victim won’t be liable for even a dime of the fraudulent use.