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I had a pretty major case of diplopia, it cames on over a period of days and then became very severe, ie: off the charts in terms of measurements, within a week or so.

And I'm sorry your neuro doesn't take this seriously, Alex.

I do have some kind of thing where when I follow the doctor's finger back and forth, my eyes overshoot, but the ophthalmologist said that wasn't a typical MS finding (although he didn't say anything about what else might cause that). I am having problems with my eyes focusing and blurred vision.

Periodically I have these episodes where my fingers on both hands go completely numb, my body starts aching from head to toe and I run a fever around 101.

It lasts for about an hour or 2 and then goes away. I am having problems with my eyes focusing and blurred vision.

All of these things started around the same time but my neuro doesn't seem to think they are related. My right eye actually gets stuck in the outer corner and it's very hard to bring it back into focus, sometimes I can't.

I had an MRI of my head with and without contrast and it was clean. Alex I'm dx'd with MS for almost two years now.

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It was always worse when I got very fatigued or overheated, and even now when I exercise and when I get normal sleepy at the end of the day, I can lose my focus a little.Also a possible INO, although my neuro and my neuro-ophtha disagreed on that point.As this symptom improved, I noticed where I had previously no control over focusing my eyes back together, I could 'force' the double images into one, and they would stay that way for a few seconds and then start drifting again.I have also been extremely tired for the last several months.I finally had a sleep study done and was diagnosed with Narcolepsy.My double vision which started in 2007 started out and then later resolved, in a manner much like you describe, with my left eye drifting and having to force it to come back into focus.