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- "Just come and stand close and see what I can see" - Not giving it a thought, I moved really close and sideways on looking half over her shoulder and down towards her lump. This smock thing had just a sash at its middle and I suppose that with her illustrating motions the top had caught up making her tit area hang even more loosely,thus as I stood looking down, I had before me the full round globes of her breasts,with her now rather large nipples hard surrounded by her dark brown crinkled up oreoles.

‘Hi there, Nicole, thank you so much for being online.

With respect to the Infinity Broadband, I believe I must get you connected immediately to the Infinity Order Management Team.

Of course, it would be unfair to single out one company for this scandalous national deterioration in service.

Sadly, corporate complacency and contempt for customers have become the rule rather than the exception.

BT’s online community message boards are full of similar frustrations.‘How do I get through to someone in the UK to deal with this complaint?

Feeling a bit embarrassed, I questioned if it was inconvienient,as I could call back later if it was.

- Moving away to complete her coffee making,looking back over her shoulder, - "And you should feel it,its harder than a drums skin.Of course I am far from the only BT customer to have this experience.Many I have spoken to since have their own BT service nightmares, or know others who have."I like to be free to do it and just popped this on to answer the door.Imagine if I'd answered naked,with this great lump sticking out in front of me" - She placed her hands firmly on the ever increasing roundness of her belly."You're not that big there at the moment" - "It looks pretty big from where I'm looking from" - She made the obvious look down her front at her lump.