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I have since then heard nothing from store manager Ray SM. My daughter’s gift cards, $30 and $25 were stolen from an employee! Reply Put in an order on line signing in to my account that I’ve had over 5 years. I placed my order and about 20 minutes later I received a cancellation notice saying my bank could not confirm my billing information.

Reply I am a former employee and have been trying to reach HR payroll for several days with no luck.

I followed the steps advised on the prompting and sent a email with my request.

I am very disappointed a large company like forever 21 doesn’t have a direct line for employees to reach Human Resources for employee verification.

My new employer has tried to reach them on several occasions and is getting the same run around as myself.

You would think with just a large order you honor it.

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Do not even try to contact customer service for support, because they will not help!This was the first and LAST time I order online from Forever 21!!!

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They need the requested information by Tuesday or will not be able to solidify my employment for security reasons.The first store, located in Los Angeles, is still in operation today. It was their first location inside a shopping mall. I spoke with Gholdwin, a manager, I explained fully what had happened to my daughter and her gift cards, she asked me to visit the store but told me she wasn’t sure what the outcome would be. She was pleasant and remembered my situation and tried to assist me by getting her store manager Ray to help me. Ray was accommodating at first, he said that it could take awhile as he would have to call corporate.In 1995, the first location outside of California was opened in Miami, FL. In 2010, the company opened their flagship two-story, 85,000 square foot store at the Los Cerritos Center. Forever 21 currently operates over 723 stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Asia, Europe and Latin America. I gave him a receipt for one of the gift cards as it was a gift to my daughter for Christmas from my sister that resides in NY.She said I will receive a refund, but did not sound convincing.All I would like is my money back for items not received!!!!We left with me leaving my phone number for him to call me with a follow up. At first it was reassuring but now I feel like it’s questionable due to the lack of correspondence.