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Every county in the state has at least one NHL (Franklin County has exactly one, the Old Deerfield Historic District).

The Old Ship Church (1681) of Hingham is the nation's oldest church still used for religious purposes, and Cole's Hill in Plymouth was used in 1620 has a burial ground for the Plymouth Colony.

The Nauset Archeological District documents early contact between Europeans and Native Americans, and the Old Deerfield Historic District encompasses a well-preserved colonial frontier village.

The two lighthouses were the first to mark a navigational hazard (Thacher Island); the current lighthouses were constructed in 1861, and are aligned on a north-south axis.

This early 20th-century country estate is one of the finest of its type.

The Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory in Milton is home to the nation's longest continuous weather record, and the Goddard Rocket Launching Site in Auburn was where rocketry pioneer Robert H. This 18th-century farmhouse was the home of author Herman Melville (1819–91) during his most productive years from 1850–1863.

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Scientific and academic pursuits are represented in the list.

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Crane has since 1879 been the exclusive supplier of paper for United States paper currency. The building incorporates stained glass by John La Farge and sculptural elements by Augustus Saint-Gaudens.Of the Massachusetts NHLs, 57 are in the state capital of Boston, and are listed separately.Ten of the remaining 131 designations were made when the NHL program was formally inaugurated on October 9, 1960; the most recent was for the Brookline Reservoir of the Cochituate Aqueduct in Brookline in 2015.It is now owned by The Trustees of Reservations and operated as a house museum.Located on Thacher Island, this light station was established in 1771, and was the last founded in the colonial era.Cambridge is the city with the most NHLs outside Boston (at 19), and Middlesex County is home to 43 NHLs (again outside the 58 from Boston, which comprise all but one of the NHLs in Suffolk County).