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Jordan rodrigues and xenia goodwin dating

Teacher Miss Raine spells it out for them: Make no mistakes. For the first time on DVD, see 13 episodes from Season 2 of the hit drama series about chasing dreams.

Tara locates and visits him, attempting to persuade him to come back to the Academy.

He steals his dad's motorcycle and rides back to the Academy, but he has lost his passion for dance, so Abigail takes him to an event where he's forced to dance and regain his passion.

In Season 2: Volume 1 Tara reunites with her friends and discovers the exciting news that they can all compete in a prestigious ballet competition, Prix de Fonteyn, to determine the best dancer in the world. Everyone must work harder than they ve ever worked before on the dance floor and in life.

Christian Reed is a student at the National Academy of Dance who was accepted under bail conditions.

He realizes that he needs to get his priorities in check and decides that he wants to get into the Company and he also wants to be with Tara.

Christian helps her regain her strength and technique, but when she is unable to make it into the Company, Tara decides to travel to America to pursue other dancing opportunities, causing Christian to become very upset.

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Many instances throughout the series prove that Christian gets jealous easily. He can typically be seen wearing a dark t-shirt and some shorts.After graduating from the Academy three years later, he went on to be a teacher at the Samuel Lieberman Memorial Studio. Before getting to know him, Christian tends to come off as cold and rebellious.He prioritizes fun over work and enjoys teasing his friends.He is dating Tara, and he asks her to move in with him.However, Tara's back has now healed and she wants to pursue making it into the Company.It was a rocky first year, but ultimately Tara Webster got everything she wanted: a place in the top dance school in the country, friends she ll know forever and she fell in love twice!