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Ivy dating nyc

“What we thought was to bring a community feeling to big cities like this — almost create a campus-type of environment.” Meric and Triebel also said that Ivy Connect doesn’t have an Ivy barrier for membership.

Ivy Connect’s accommodations — hotel discounts, professional networking events and free drinks at the company’s bi-monthly members and plus-ones-only cocktail parties — are all geared to this end.

The two events I attended were near max capacity, a testament to Meric and Triebel’s deft word-of-mouth marketing.

(To date, Ivy Connect says they haven’t spent a dollar on paid advertising.

They are, however, getting advertising: Cadillac is now their “exclusive automotive partner.”) “What we found is that a lot of people graduate and feel like ‘Okay, that was back in college.

We organize events in a variety of themes and formats to give singles the best opportunity to meet people who have similar interests and within their age group.

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I was equally running from something — Chicago’s suffocating familiarity — as I was toward something — New York, the city where I’d realize my literary dreams!

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Every variety of relationship — romantic, platonic, friendly or otherwise — begins or often ends with this transaction.For Ivy Connecters, trading business cards a form of flirting. My alma mater is large, public and part of the Big Ten.When presented the opportunity to join Ivy Connect — a “private community” comprised of New York City’s “most inspiring” “like-minded” young people, according to Meric — I was intrigued.WNYC Radio and New York Easy Dates are working together to bring together NYC\'s best singles for a unique dating experience at one Speed Dating is no longer just for younger men and women, we are seeing the ages of participants slowly going up.Everyone needs to find someone specials and we believe that age should not limit your Join us at Hudson Terrace for a fabulous night of flirtation and fun.Now this is the real world where you have your work and sometimes you have social activities, but things become much more compartmentalized,’” Meric told me.