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It ended up taking us two days, including 7 hours on a boat, $45 dollars each and 90 minutes of arguing with a tour company, but we finally got to visit BOTH Playa Blanca and the famed Islas del Rosario.

The boat rocked and heaved, with everyone up top holding on for dear life and everyone down below puking their guts out. Despite everything we’d been through, we were the only ones who walked away satisfied.

To make matters worse, once we finally arrived at the beach, the Captain deemed conditions too dangerous for us to ferry in, so we were forced to head directly back to Cartagena.

Treasure troves are natural targets, so imposing stone walls were built around the entire city to protect it from pirate attacks, including those made by Sir Frances Drake in 1586. In addition to the walls, a chain of forts, dungeons and hidden tunnels were built to protect Spain’s riches. The Old Town is still encircled by massive stone walls and consists of the same colonial architecture, churches, plazas and cobblestone streets of the 16th Century.

Horse-drawn carriages clatter down narrow alleys, bougainvilleas dangle from balconies and large mansions overlook the sea.

It would seem that Bernard received a royalty for each copy sold, although there is no mention of this in the contract.

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On 18 October 1911 Bernard confirmed receipt of the sum due.Oddly, Vollard paid him another 840 francs on 23 January 1912 ‘for full payment regarding the edition of Van Gogh’s letters to him’.

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My favorite line of the entire altercation was when Steve told the little tour minion, “If you don’t let us back on this boat, I will be here every morning- giving you shit.” Finally, thanks to some help from a deckhand and by agreeing NOT to include lunch, we each paid 5,000 pesos ($2.50) more and got back on the boat.Think Disneyland if it were only for adults and lacked all the foo-foo Disney characters.It was nearly sunset, so we sat down and ordered cocktails at a posh outdoor bar on the wall overlooking the sea.The islands are surrounded by a combination of teal and turquoise water more beautiful than anything I’ve ever seen in person before.The entire top deck where we were sitting erupted into a storm of childish glee, with people rushing from one side of the boat to the other snapping photos, pointing fingers and gazing in awe. The captain slammed our boat into another at the dock and everyone clamored to get off.Our next Cartagena challenge would prove to be even harder.