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He was repeatedly warned to no effect and was ultimately suspended.

All the North Western Alphas had rear entrance bodies, and many of the Lancashire United examples had centre-entrance standee bodies, as did four of those for SHMD Board.

The last three for SHMD had front entrance standee bodies, and the one-off double decker had centre entrance.

It’s almost like a slightly longer and more substantial alternative to the Bristol SC.

I’m told however that their appeal stopped with their appearance, and that they were rather unrefined in reality.

Even the front entrance Roe bodied Alphas for LUT had an unusual (but attractive) appearance, and the driver had an offside cab door.

Although it was based upon a lorry chassis, one presumes that the frames of the Sunderland buses were dropped in the conventional psv fashion to permit a reasonable floor height.

Chris, the comprehensive record of Gardner history is the 2002 book by Graham Edge.I’ve only ever seen these on photographs, but always thought they looked rather good, and that Roe had made a very neat job of them.The double width door looks unusual on a front-engined single decker, and the grille looks like a throwback to the BMMO S6 or D5.When, in the following year, Rolls Royce decided to pull out of making diesel engines, Paul Gardner suggested that the Patricroft firm should buy the Shrewsbury factory, equipped as it was with modern manufacturing plant.Hugh Gardner responded by threatening to resign, and the project was dropped. So many livelihoods affected, often those of talented people by such high-handed and misguided behaviour.In August 1968, a certain shop steward in the iron foundry shop took it upon himself, presumably arising from some grievance, to cast the name ‘Gardner’ upside down on the crankcase of the large and expensive 8L3B engine.