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Godaddy hosted exchange validating mx record

You should already have the base records shown here: Click on the 'new record' link.

(make sure you put a "." at the end of the entry in the "data" field) Go back to Godaddy and redo the email forwarding/setup - when you click OK it will find the new mx records (after a few minutes or so).

Go Daddy is a third-party platform that uses Microsoft 365 for email service.

create a new record put "mailstore1." in the data field. And i had also missed changning the mx record to mail.

put "10" in the auxiliary field to make it the mx0 record.

If you use this service, you will need to configure your DNS with Go Daddy.

Firstly we need to create a subdomain A Record called 'mail'. Again, if you are using an external mail agency, then skip this step.

If your email is not working after following these steps, please contact Go Daddy for assistance at 480-505-8877.No problem, we can use the 'dig' command (see the introduction to dig article for more info), So a simple query of the DNS servers for our MX record would be: Nice. We've gone into some detail here but setting MX records for your domain is nice and straight forward using the Slice Manager.Once you have set a record, it is always a good idea to check the values with a simple 'dig' command. I can't seem to get my email hosted by godaddy to work.For example, if your domain is uk, your MX record should read as protection. After Redtail has assumed hosting of your email domain, you will need to change where the MX Record for your domain points to from within the admin settings of your domain provider.If you haven't created a zone for your domain, then refer to this article.