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I am interested in a friend that could turn into a relationship that does not mind I wear diapers regular and use them and that I like playing with baby and toddler toys after work.

I am looking for like minded people who enjoy the same. Would also like to meet a daddy or mummy and be treated like a baby.

Comments: Am a gay male 5'9' blue eyes average build seeking same my height or under.

I wear glasses as I am short sighted in my left eye I have a. I live in a county of Essex in England As you will will read later I used to see a lady regularly, it felt somehow normal as a girl.

We decided I should have a birthday as a girl it is 29th June 1995.

I would also like to be a daddy for a little girl or boy. I am looking for a strict, but loving mommy or daddy.

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I will be happy to learn a new language if required.

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After you have checked out my site if you can't help please feel free to pass it on.Like to meet you and get to know you and we can share more.When I was 6 weeks I had pneumonia due to this my condition is called cerebral palsy left hemiplegia (in other words I can not use my Left side) but I need no special treatment.I recently purchased a scooter so can go up the shops on my own.I think I should tell you I am in benefits which are not much.When I am at work, it can be a struggle acting grown-up but was taught I am just acting at work and it is not the real me.