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But even as an intermittent presence it has a powerful and surprisingly broad range of effects.

As the player orgasms she claims his sperm has impregnated her with the demon's seedling. The events are nonsensical but they resonate with a Freudian model for fear wherein men mistrust their relentless sex-drives that will make them vulnerable to bestial succubi who only want to drain them of their precious life force.

It's easy to forget about the sweetness in all of this, but The Darkness II offers a simple and beautiful summation of why sex and -- more specifically -- physical intimacy in games are worth pursuing.

Even when surrounded by sex he is disengaged from it, resigned to the fact that human comfort and closeness are no longer possible for a man with his history.

There are a lot of games with brothels, but it's rare that players are allowed to do anything sexual in them.

Worrying about one's sexual or physical inadequacies undergirds huge swathes of American culture.

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Nintendo is not promoting these qualities but they're certainly possible, and there really aren't any good reasons why two consenting adults shouldn't be able to use an entertainment device in a sexual way.The bigger cultural mystery is why we feel that sexual use of entertainment technology is inappropriate.

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While the company once made playing cards with naked women on them and operated a chain of "love hotels," the key to multinational success has been marketing to children, which means pretending sex doesn't exist.Polymorphous Perversity is a 2D role-playing game made by Brazilian psychologist and sometime developer Nicolau Chaud.The game was built using RPG Maker 2003 and tells the story of a sexually disturbed hero who's been kidnapped into a strange world, where he must try to discover what is causing his sexual disorder.Max Payne 3's sense of sexuality was inseparable from its protagonist, a depleted stag who has traded his sexual optimism for alcohol and painkillers.His true love long dead, Max has migrated into a stage in his life where sex is something other people do.In 2012, games were less shy about introducing sex into their worlds, and yet most of the times it was left off in margins, something to catalyze a character's motivation or animate a bawdy background.